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Special Offers

Experience excellence in service when you visit Elegant Tresses!
Elegant Tresses strives to deliver the kind of quality and value you expect from a professional hair salon. A consultation prior to your services, will help determine the best solution for your hair & lifestyle. The salon is designed to make your experience enjoyable and leave you feeling inspired! Women, Men & Children of all hair textures are welcome in our multicultural salon.

A 48 hour notice is required for all cancellations. Any cancellations made within less than 48 hours will be subject to a $25.00 cancellation fee. Any cancellations made the day of your appointment, will be subject to a $50.00 cancellation fee.  

Please call (336)725-6641 or email eleganttresses@yahoo.com for our appointment policies.
Elegant Tresses provides customized looks for clients of all ages, professions and lifestyles.  Enjoy a relaxing scalp massage and instant stimulating conditioner, that will provide a foundation for healthy and strong hair and styling.

Free Flowing Styles
Body Wraps and Body Curls
Marcel Curls Short Hair Styling    






Designer Styles
Flexi Rod Set
Up Do's
Combination Styling
Flat Twist Set

$55 and up
ET Blowout and Silk Wrap
Silk Wraps- free forming the hair with the blow dryer and straightening the hair with the use of the titanium flat iron, giving a  free flowing look, full of body.



ET The Scalp Treatment

Detoxifying Gentle Scalp Scrub

Intensive Protein Treatment

Hydration Therapy Steam Cocktail Treatment

Conditioning Treatment
Therapeutic Dry & Itchy Scalp Treatment





Hair Styling Instruction
Hair styling instruction is available to teach you how to beautifully style hair in a variety of stunning looks. Get the building blocks for a lifetime of beautiful, salon-style hair.


Elegant Tresses Smoothing Complex
Thermal Smoothing Complex creates options for people with naturally curly hair. It elongates the curl pattern 75-90% allowing people more manageability, without rearranging any bonds permanently. Reversion and frizziest is prevented by locking in moisture and increasing the hairs tensile strength. 


Hair Relaxers
Chemical hair relaxing services fundamentally change the structure of your hair by penetrating the outer (cortical) layer of your hair and restructuring the inner shaft which gives your hair it´s texture and curls. This service can help you achieve long lasting effects which loosen tightly curled locks and allow greater styling options for people with naturally curly hair.

Elegant Tresses provides customized looks for clients of all ages, professions and lifestyles.


ET Hair Shaping

Maintenance Re-Shaping Hair Cut

Damaged Ends (hair trim) 

Elegant Low Tapered Cut for Naturals 

Big Chop (full transition cut) 

Nape Haircut (only) OR Bangs

Childs Haircut













Hair Coloring and Highlights
Professional hair coloring and highlighting services are available using the highest quality products available only through professional salons. Call for a consultation to discuss your hair color goals and develop a plan with your colorist to reach your objectives.

Double Process Highlights
Dimensional Color Panels
Permanent Color Whole Head
Permanent Color Root Retouch
Color Glaze
Demi/Semi Permanent Color
Short Hair Tip Highlights
Additional Color



*Priced upon consultation
Hair Extensions
Hair extension and weave services are available for the client that desires a new look, wants to experiment with color, or the client that may need to enhance their look due to hair challenges they may be experiencing. A consultation is required prior to this service to ensure that the desired look, hair selection and proper technique is used for a beautiful outcome.

Wigs and Hairpieces
Wigs and hairpieces can enhance your look and provide you with greater confidence and personal satisfaction. I customize your wig or hair piece to your head shape and hair pattern to ensure a natural look.
Hair Restoration
Hair restoration services utilize the latest technologies in hair loss mitigation and restoration to help you keep the hair you have and improve the appearance of your hair. Results vary depending on the degree of hair loss and many genetic and health factors. Call today to learn more about our hair restoration program.

These services are for textures of hair that are not maintained by a relaxer.
Prices and length of time for services are based on texture, length and condition of the hair.
Short-from head to ears         
Medium- from ears to top of shoulders         
Long from shoulders to back
Natural Curls
Hair and Scalp Cleanse, Instant Moisture Conditioner, Curl Definer/Detangler  (Shampoo and Go)



Short $40 Medium $50 Long $60

Smooth Bun
Hair and Scalp Cleanse, Instant Moisture Conditioner, Blow Dry
Hair is worn in a smooth updo
Home Hair Care-satin scarf/bonnet, edge tamer, hair cream

Medium $55+ Long $65+
Curl Stretching
Hair and Scalp Cleanse, Instant Moisture Conditioner, Curl Stretching Crème
Hair is worn with natural textured curls stretched out
Home Hair Care- satin bonnet, stretching crème/curl definer, water for misting

Short $48 Medium $58 Long $68
Flat Twist
Hair and Scalp Cleanse, Instant Moisture Conditioner, Set               
Hair is twisted close to the head, dryer set and untwisted for a wavy textured appearance
Home Hair Care- satin bonnet, twist and define crème, retwist

Medium $56 Long $66
Two Strand Twist
Hair and Scalp Cleanse, Instant Moisture Conditioner, Set
Hair is parted in block sections, individually twisted, dryer set and untwisted, resulting in a full textured appearance
Home Hair Care- satin bonnet, twist and define crème, re-twist

Leave in $65.00     
Flexi Rods
Hair and Scalp Cleanse, Instant Moisture Conditioner, Set
Hair is set to curlers to form a free spiral curl
Home Hair Care- satin bonnet, hair moisturizer

Short $48 Medium $58 Long$68
ET Blowout and Silk Press
Shampoo, Instant Moisture Conditioner, Detangle, Blow Dry and Flat Iron
Hair is blown dry and flat iron for a smooth flowing look
Home Hair Care- Satin scarf, Silk/Argan Oil/Moisturizer



Complete bridal party services and group treatments for special occasions.
Bridal Hair Services
Make it a day to remember with a truly professional bridal hair styling service. Our expert staff stays on top of the latest bridal styles to provide you with a plethora of amazing options to match your wedding style. From classic to contemporary, formal to casual, we can create a wonderfully polished look for your blessed event.
Bridal Party Hair Styling
Bridal party hair services are designed to give your bridal party a beautiful, consistent look for that big day. We will make sure to accentuate the beauty of your bridal party an complement your dresses, shoes and accessories, while making sure the spotlight stays on the bride for her special day.

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